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Home Buyer

From the moment we met Beth we were impressed. When we started, we interviewed several agents with extensive accomplishments and backgrounds. But Beth stood out immediately with her presentation, meticulous wealth of information and passion to help our family’s needs.

Being a home buyer in the bay area was one of the most challenging things our family has faced (and I did a startup from scratch with no money!). Beth was able to guide us through and provide the calmness we needed for such a high stress transaction.

Her attention to every detail for writing up the offer that put us in the best position was remarkable. When you’re competing with 10 other offers, this can’t be overstressed. We felt our offer had every advantage possible. She worked great with the other agents and followed up on every issue that would give us the best chance.

After only working with her for a few months, we were able to close on our house that suited all of family needs and we are very happy with. Our life is much better today for our growing family.

For any of our real estate needs, we would ask for Beth’s help again without hesitation. We recommend her highly and can’t say enough good things about her.

Jeff and Mandy Daudel San Mateo, CA April 29, 2014

Home Buyer and Home Seller

I have had the pleasure of using the services of Kleebauer Properties, both as a buyer and a seller in 2007 and 2012 respectively. On both occasions Pamela Kleebauer-Shafer was the real estate agent that managed these transactions.

Without reservation I can say that I received the full attention of Pam Shafer and her team in leading the way through the set-up of arrangements, the negotiations with the opposite side and the expected closing of the deal. Pam is detail oriented, extremely knowledgeable of real estate market conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area and very thorough in all aspects of the legal requirements in completing the sale, both representing the buyer or a seller. She is a confident professional with a graceful personality that puts everyone in her circle at ease.

Regardless whether you may be a total novice in the buying and selling of your property or if you are "Donald Trump-trained", Pam Shaffer and Kleebauer Properties will get you through the business of acquiring your dream home or selling your estate with the least stress and with the best financial outcome possible in today's market.

I will strongly recommend Kleebauer Properties and specifically Pam Shaffer to all my family and friends who may be in the real estate market.

Stephen W. Barber San Mateo, CA January 17, 2014

Home Buyer

Beth Taylor is a rock star! I had been hunting for the perfect house in Burlingame for a couple of years: not necessarily in a hurry, but very concerned with buying exactly what we wanted.  Last summer, I happened upon an Estate Sale, and decided to enter the home to see if it might be coming on the market soon. It turned out that it was going to be on the market soon, but given that it was a Trustee Sale, there were certain rules that needed to be met before any offers could be entertained. What to do? After touring the house, I knew it was exactly what we were looking for, but I had no idea how to get ahead of the Estate Sale scenario and the multiple bidder reality that was about to ensue.

Answer: call Beth Taylor! I had recently met Beth in the course of considering a house which she, her self, was selling.  I had been very impressed with her throughout those conversations: both as a savvy real estate investor and as a genuinely great person. When it came to preparing to win a bidding war, I decided that Beth was the right person to go into the battle with.  One of the great decisions of my life!

Beth was meticulous in the pre-work and presentation of our offer. By the time the day came for accepting offers, she had done everything humanly possible to ensure that our bid would be the winning bid, regardless of whether or not it was the highest offer .  She had worked with the sellers’ agent to build trust, she had worked with our bank and other service provider (essentially playing the role of project manager) to ensure that all of our paperwork was perfectly organized, and she had our lender go the extra mile to call the sellers’ agent before the presentation of the offer to provide extra assurance that everything about our offer was air tight.  Finally, she made sure we were the first offer to present and that we would have an opportunity to tell our story as a young family.

In the end, our offer was accepted over the others, and we got the house we had been looking for.  We estimate that our offer was about $70k below market, and, had all things been equal, we should not have gotten the house.  But all things were not equal…we had Beth on our side, and that made all the difference in the world.  We cannot endorse Beth strongly enough:  she is the most value-add agent you will ever work with, and an absolute pleasure on a personal level.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling, anywhere in this area, please hire Beth. You will love the decision as much as we did.

JJ and Kathryn McCarthy Burlingame, CA January 16, 2014

Home Seller

As we decided to move from Burlingame to Colorado we looked high and low for the right leadership and guidance in how, we should maximize the value and run the process of selling our property from a 1,000 miles away. Pam listened to us and came back to us with a calm, guided strategy to not rush the process. Instead she constructed a plan on how maximize our sale through a detailed step by step plan.  Pam handled all the paperwork and lined up all the up all the need contractors and orchestrated their schedules. She came up with a price for us through careful market analysis. It was so high we were worried that we would have to eventually cut it. She held firm and we had offers within 24 hours for far exceeding what we ever had thought would be possible even in a hot market. We put our full trust and sales process in Pam’s hands and she delivered far and above anyone could have hoped for. All we can say is thank you – I assure you there is no person more honest, with higher integrity, hard-working, thorough and knowledgeable in the industry.

Finn, Allison and Shane Faldi Burlingame, CA January 15, 2014

Home Seller and Buyer

My experience working with Beth to sell my home of 8 years and purchase my new condo was phenomenal and seamless. She made the process so easy.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Beth Taylor and Kleebauer Properties.

Patricia McCrory Burlingame, CA January 14, 2014

Home Buyer

We loved working with Beth on our home purchase.  Her knowledge, attention to detail and reliability were the keys to our successful acquisition.  Because our transaction came with a number of unusual aspects, it was critical that our agent be focused and able to deftly manage a greater than normal number of issues- and Beth did that wonderfully! We love her!

Brian & Laura Brinkerhoff Burlingame, CA January 13, 2014

Home Seller

When my mother passed away we were left with a large house where she had been living for over fifty years. We knew we wanted to sell the home, but we had no idea where to start. Pam Shaffer advised us where to begin, what we needed to do to prepare the house for sale, and assisted us with finding contractors to make the needed repairs. She was with us every step of the way and her professional assistance was invaluable to us.

Terry and Rich Hesselroth South San Francisco, CA January 12, 2014

Home Buyer

We gave Pam a list of what our “dream house” consisted of, followed by a list of what was realistic and affordable for us.  She really listened to what it was we were looking for.  Her follow-up to phone calls and questions was stellar.  She encouraged us whenever discouraged. She told us about a house that was not only realistic and affordable, but consisted of everything we wanted in our dream house.  We walked into the house and loved it!  In a market of bidding wars and multiple offers, Pam coached us into make a strong offer.  We made ONE offer, on ONE house and got it!!  Pam definitely deserves bragging rights for this!  To top it off…WE GOT OUR DREAM HOUSE!!

Gary & Anna Viglienzoni San Mateo, CA January 11, 2014

Home Seller

Pam Shaffer made selling my father’s house in the Easton Addition of Burlingame easy, despite the fact that none of us lived within easy driving distance of Burlingame.  My sisters and I first met Pam at an open house in my father’s neighborhood. We were impressed with how that house was presented, our comfort level talking with Pam, and the DVD she had prepared with detailed information.  Once we selected Pam as our realtor, we discussed what work on the house would help the house present well, be cost effective and bring a good sale price. We met with painters, landscape gardeners, and handymen that she often uses and discussed work to be done. We also used the stager and cleaning crew that she recommended. We were very pleased with the prices and results and that they were able to complete the job without being on site. Thank you, Pam, for your coordination and supervision.

Pam generated great interest in the house; more than two hundred people viewed the property on the first Open House! After less than two weeks on the market, we had several offers and sold the house for over the asking price. We would definitely recommend Pam Shaffer as a realtor.

Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood Burlingame, CA January 10, 2014

Home Buyer

Our family moved here from the suburbs of New York City four years ago.  We've purchased homes in tough markets amid bidding frenzies in the East Coast.  The Valley has its own reputation; the market on the Peninsula is something else.   Purchasing a home in Burlingame was one of the most competitive things we have ever done.

I am convinced that we would still be looking were it not for the exceptional skills of our realtor, Beth Taylor.  She was with us every step of the way.  Beth's market savvy and insider knowledge of Burlingame neighborhoods gave us confidence in a tight market.  Beth is a straight shooter, professional and personable, and highly responsive and generous with her time while respecting ours.  Beth's creativity and 'out of box thinking' coupled with her strong ties in the community enabled us to identify a home before it went on the market.   Beth's tenacious negotiating and dedication to details helped us manage a complicated closing despite unexpected travel and last minute roadblocks that could have derailed the deal.  Many agents are eager to close the deal.  Beth is unique, she has continued to assist us after the purchase.  Beth has fielded many calls and requests while we tap her network of construction and design professionals to plan our renovation.

Beth Taylor proved to be far more than a real estate agent; she genuinely listened and advocated for our best interests, speaking candidly regarding pros and cons about prospective properties while always leaving the final decision to us.   Beth is highly resourceful, a masterful negotiator, completely connected to the community, graceful under pressure and knows how to execute under tight deadlines.

As a mother of three, Beth "gets it" when it comes to the  hectic schedules and needs of young families and the crazy demands of this unique real estate market.  More important than that, she "got" what was important to "US" working within our budget and timeline and she got "it" done.  We now happily own our family home in Burlingame.

It is hard to envision someone doing a better job than Beth Taylor.  Based on our experience selling and purchasing several homes, Beth has, by far, been the best real estate agent that we have ever worked with and we would highly recommend Beth Taylor to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Kim Koivisto and John Giere Burlingame, CA January 9, 2014

Home Buyer

Thank you for all your time , effort, & patience in our house hunting. Your knowledge & expertise gave us the confidence of making the final choice. It is such a comfort to have a realtor we completely trust & you are ever so ready to answer any questions we have. We are indeed very fortunate to have met Mike & you. Anyone looking to buy/sell properties should be referred to you. You are the BEST!

John & Kathy Tsai Burlingame, CA January 8, 2014

Home Buyer and Seller

Thank you so much for all of your support in selling my old home and your above-and-beyond- the-call-of-duty efforts to find me my new home. Throughout the entire process, you were professional, helpful, and informative as well as cheerful.  You made it a pleasure to go look at all of the prospects and your enthusiasm never dimmed when we were unsuccessful in our search.You carefully listened to all my criteria and never flagged in your determination to find me my perfect new home.  Thank you so much for being there for me.

Sherry Zacharia San Mateo Park and Burlingame January 7, 2014

Home Buyer

When we were planning our move to the Bay Area from Boston in 2007, friends put us in touch with Mike and Pam Shaffer, of Kleebauer Properties, to help us find a home in Burlingame. Having grown up in Burlingame, both Mike and Pam know every street and could tell us about the different schools in the area.

They were very honest with us and at times pointed out the negatives aspects of some houses we looked at. Mike even checked the town records for permits and dates when the electrical had been updated.

As soon as our bid was accepted they provided contacts for mortgage brokers and contractors. When we were back on the East coast arranging our move, Mike and Pam made our lives very easy by arranging for several contractors to access the property to work on it before we moved in.

Nothing was too much trouble for them. They have a very easy going manner and are not at all pushy like other realtors I've met. They were genuinely interested in getting us into a home that we would be happy with. Our experience working with them was exceptional. I highly recommend Mike and Pam as realtors to anyone looking for a home on the Peninsula. Their detailed knowledge of the housing market, their pleasant manner and their genuine dedication makes the whole experience of finding your next home a lot easier.

Sean & Stephanie Howley Burlingame, CA January 6, 2014

Home Buyer

Kleebauer Properties is the only realtor we will ever use! Pam Shaffer and Thelma Kleebauer helped us every step of the way — from providing exceptional referrals for securing our loan to the inspection process to the title company. They were extremely patient with us and answered every question we had, with the honestly we appreciated, so we could make the right decision.

They showed us only the homes within our budget, which was extremely important to us, as we did not want to fall in love with something we could not afford. They did not pressure us to make any rash decisions. They showed us numerous houses and spent as much time with us as we needed to purchase the one that was right for us.

When you are purchasing your first home, there is so much stress and pressure. Pam and Thelma were very supportive every step of the way ensuring this was the best experience we had and made purchasing our first home a very happy and exciting time in our lives.

We are eternally grateful for their guidance and support. We can't wait to upgrade our home and have the opportunity to work with them again — this time selling and buying. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase their first home or tenth home.

Steve & Mary Viglienzoni Belmont, CA January 5, 2014

Home Buyer

Beth was a pleasure to work with. Her high level of energy and enthusiasm were just what we needed to find our dream home in a very challenging buyer's market!

Amy & Eric Pacifica, CA January 4, 2014

Home Buyer

Mike and Pam Shaffer are a dynamic duo. Very friendly, competent, well organized, and caring beyond professional limits. They fully understood our requirements and the advice we received to purchase a home was extremely helpful. Mike’s construction background was instrumental in helping us choose a house that was structurally sound. Pam is very patient, energetic, and has her finger on the pulse of real estate in Burlingame and the peninsula. We felt at ease throughout the entire process and recommend them highly.

Marisol and Chris Dunning Burlingame, CA January 3, 2014

Home Seller

We owe Pam Shaffer and the Kleebauer Properties team many thanks for the excellent service during the purchase of our house four years ago and the recent sale of our house in 2009. Kleebauer Properties delivered great results for us despite the challenging real estate head winds.

Pam and her team went above and beyond what other realtors do. They found smart creative ways to get our house noticed and sold. We benefited from her experience getting the house ready to sell and she helped us figure out a good selling strategy. Throughout the negotiating process, Pam was able to keep all parties moving forward while fighting for our interests. We couldn't be happier with the results! We highly recommend Kleebauer Properties to be your selling and/or buying agent.

Jeff and Tasleem Bernard Brisbane, CA January 2, 2014

Property Management Client

We have been an apartment owner for more than 30 years. We used to manage everything ourselves. Our first property manager turned out to be a disaster. We were ready to give up and start managing ourselves again when we found Pam Shaffer, from Kleebauer Properties — what a pleasant surprise.

Pam has listened to everything we had to say. She is right on top of any and all problems. She contacts every month to let us know what she's done. And, the bookkeeping is the best. I have never once had a problem or question.

We are thrilled with Kleebauer Properties' property management program. We have found piece of mind knowing that our property is in good hands.

Florence Owens Burlingame, CA January 1, 2014